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Downtown Redevelopment

McDougal Companies continues its role as the Lubbock Downtown Redevelopment master developer. 


McDougal Land Company, LC is the lead developer for a 600+ acre redevelopment of the Central Business District of Downtown Lubbock. 


The redevelopment area spans north and south from Marsha Sharp Freeway to 19th Street and east to west from Avenue Q to I-27. The 100-year-old downtown area is experiencing new life in its urban core. 


The redevelopment process began with utility infrastructure upgrades to support mixed-used features such as shopping centers, student housing, retail, destination and boutique hotels, bicycle paths, green space, and parking garages. Guided in part by the City’s 2040 Land Use Plan, the process continues in both the physical and regulatory space, as the city considers its approach with an eye towards a mix of renovations and redevelopment. 


Since the beginning of redevelopment, new construction permits total more than $60 million. Significant projects include the NTS Tower Renovation into Metro Tower Lofts transition, Cotton Court Hotel, Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences, SPC Downtown Lubbock Center, Wells Fargo Building, and the Millsap Building. 


It is estimated that the downtown project will increase area values to over $800 million by 2030. Stay updated on Lubbock Downtown Redevelopment progress at and the City of Lubbock.

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